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Kidney Disease
Kidney Disorders Topic

Kidney Disorders Topic
A guide to living with kidney disease.

Kidney Disease News  
The latest kidney disease-related news headlines.

• Gene Yields Clues to Chronic Kidney Disease
• Wanted: Organ Donors
• Tracking Kidney Patients' Cardiac Risks
• More related headlines

Related News

Kidney Disease Feature Story  
New Drug Helps Dialysis Patients

New Drug Helps Dialysis Patients

It regulates a hormone that causes overactive parathyroid

People with advanced kidney disease now have another option to help control the excessive production of parathyroid hormone, which is a major complication.

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Kidney Disease-Related Illnesses and Conditions  
Find information about illnesses and conditions that relate to kidney disease or search the entire database.

General Information

Illnesses and Conditions

Kidney Stones

Search the entire Illnesses and Conditions database.

Kidney Disease-Related Complementary and Alternative Medicine  
Search complementary and alternative therapies for kidney disease.

Complementary and Alternative Medicine
Search entire Complementary and Alternative Medicine database.

Kidney Disease-Related Drug Guide  
Search the Drug Guide, an electronic drug reference that provides useful patient education, summaries of more than 2,400 commonly prescribed medications.

drug guide
Search the entire Drug Guide database.
Medical Tests

Intravenous Pyelography (IVP)

Kidney Biopsy

Kidney Scan

Kidney Stone Analysis

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