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Schools of Diagnostic Imaging

Creating the images that are used to diagnose injuries and diseases is what diagnostic imaging is all about. It's an exciting and rewarding career. You will work closely with both patients and physicians, providing patient care while using advanced technology.

Radiography is the combined art and science of using radiation to produce images of tissue, organs, bones and vessels of the body. These images may be recorded on film or displayed on a video to show multiple body planes. At other times motion picture film or videotape is used. Proper treatment of a patient depends on accurate and precise radiographic examinations. Broken bones can be aligned, ulcers can be detected and many other injuries and diseases can be treated when their exact nature is known to the physician.

The radiographer is an essential member of the health care team. Responsibilities include accurately positioning the patient, producing quality diagnostic images, good patient care and communication skills.

Specialty areas of radiography include mammography, cardiovascular-interventional technology and computed tomography. Magnetic resonance imaging also is generally included in the classification of radiography, although its physics basis does not involve ionizing radiation, but rather electromagnetic pulse sequences in a form similar to radio waves.

Diagnostic Medical Sonography, or ultrasound, is used to look at the developing fetus, but also to examine many different parts of the body, including the blood vessels and internal organs. It is a demanding field, but rewarding in many ways.


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